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Our collective remit is to consider all possibilities for contact, with life from other Worlds, and in doing so, be – as best we can at any moment in time – ready for this event. 

This life may be microbial; it may be a beacon or signal from a far distant planet; it may be an abandoned artefact; or direct contact on this World or others. We just do not know but need to cover all known possibilities... or at least those that come to our imagination. 

These possibilities are many and vary greatly in their likely impact on us. It is probably no surprise then that to achieve this, we need (probably) Humanity's most multidisciplinary team of expertise; an endeavour that requires expertise from many areas of research that typically work in isolation. And by working together as a team on this goal, we need to also ensure all the pieces fit together, so we are then prepared. 

It is a daunting task but one we are passionate about and believe critical for the event when it comes. 
The areas of research categorised on this page form links to work (past and present) that has been and is currently undertaken to this end. In essence there are two main categories – Search and Post Detection. However, to achieve some separation of subject matter, so you can readily access information, the following categories are presented: 


  • Search – the traditional core endeavour of SETI and focused on the I for Intelligence – focuses on Radio and Optical SETI, listening for signals and looking into the Universe / Galaxy for visual anomalies that may indicate the presence of intelligent life;

    • Exoplanets – discovering the existence of other distant Worlds. An endeavour that has been a recent catalyst for the now widely held view that life on other Worlds must exist.

    • Astrobiology - considers how these other Worlds – given their likely differing environments – could sustain and support life and what forms they may take. 

    • In these two categories, the I in SETI is less important.

  • Post Detection has many threads – from Signal Analytics, Computational Linguistics and Societal Impact Strategies to Space Law, Anthropology and Theology. 

  • Messaging ETI (METI) is separate, as it is a proactive and an optional undertaking that can be undertaken in isolation, whether post contact or proactively sending out our message in a 'bottle'. 

Post Detection may be subdivided in the future but for now it is presented as one category, as it requires a holistic approach, so all elements need to work together. 


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