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The UK SETI Research Network Annual Conference 2022

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

This year’s UKSRN meeting was at the University of Durham (Law department) and was our first face-to-face meeting, since 2019, due to Covid restrictions. And probably due to this, we had many still ‘Zoom’ in, rather than attend in person. Nevertheless, we had a very successful two day meeting. As ever, the presentations were excellent, wide-ranging, and thought provoking, and I am sure the discussions on these topics will go on for some time to come. And, of course, a huge thank you to Michael (Bohlander) for arranging and funding this year's meeting at Durham.

I do wish to note here that (especially for those who did not attend) we started the meeting with very sad news. Mike Garrett took time before his opening presentation to announce that our member Bart (Wlodarczyk-Sroka) sadly passed away, whilst visiting and participating at Breakthough Listen in California, just prior to this meeting, where he was to present current advances in his work on SETI. Mike spoke about him and his work, after which we then reflected in silence before the main business of the conference commenced.

As presented at the conference, the SETI Post Detection hub has now found its home at the University of St Andrews and will be officially launched in the next couple of months: many thanks to Stephen Baxter, Michael Bohlander, and William Edmondson for joining me in the task of documenting its concept, roles, and purpose. And many thanks too, to Martin Dominik for making this all possible at St Andrews.

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