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Promote UK activities in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence

The UK SETI Research Network (UKSRN) is a group of UK academics who are active in the field of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - SETI. Set up in 2013 with Lord Martin Rees (Astronomer Royal) as patron, its purpose is to provide a forum for discussion, collaboration and promoting academic SETI activity in the UK...and beyond.

Our membership comprises a wide range of disciplines that represent all the main contributing research areas necessary for searching for life beyond our planet and  preparing ourselves for a contact event: from astrophysics and signal analysis, to communication decipherment, anthropology and space law. Probably one of the most multidisciplinary areas of research any one group has ever undertaken.

In this, we hope that the our existence will excite interest in researchers across all disciplines, to consider how their ideas can contribute to the field and join us. It is also our hope and aspiration that our activities and endeavours will interest and inspire the public in general and promote understanding of this exciting multidisciplinary mission.

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